for my students
Suggestions For Reaching Your Dreams At All Ages and Levels:
1) Get Motivated and Stay Motivated!
- set goals so your practice sessions have purpose
- practice regularly - the momentum keeps you going
- research your pieces so they have meaning for you
- make playing the harp part of a healthy lifestyle

2) Work Efficiently
- practice regularly: cramming isn’t efficient and causes injuries
- don’t ignore problems with your playing - always ask for help
- take problems apart and work on them in small sections
- work slowly and take your time to ensure you do a good job
- always listen when you play (avoid mindless run-throughs)
- focus on your goals so you stay on track 

3) Get Engaged - In The Music Community
- join your local chapter of the American Harp Society (
- join the national American Harp Society (
- check out event calendars for classical music concerts at museums and universities in addition to local symphonies
- go to concerts and take your friends and family
- talk to your family and friends about music so that they can share your passionhttp://www.harpsocietyla.orghttp://www.harpsociety.orgshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1
Online Resources for Students:
Cal State Los Angeles Music Dept. 
Irvine Valley College Music Dept.
Orange County School for the Arts
The Harp Connection     
Harp In LA       
American Harp Society       
L.A. Chapter of the AHS      
Lyon & Healy Harps      
Salvi Harps
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