Notes for Composers
Three Tips
-  Notate harmonics in your pieces so they sound an octave higher than written.
-  Include a glossary at the beginning of your piece to clarify notation for any extended techniques used in the composition.
-  Write out the exact pitches for  glissandi, including enharmonic notes.  This can be done by placing a tiny scale in parenthesis before the gliss.

Selected Score Study

Birds in Winter         Sonata                     Bamyan                     Sonatina     
Michael Mauldin       Alan Hovhaness      Phillipp Hersant       Sergiu Natra
Prayer                      Every Lover is a Warrior     Spiders                  
Sergiu Natra            Kati Agócs                            Paul Patterson

And I Knew ‘Twas Wind     Federico’s Little Songs for Children     
Toru Takemitsu                    George Crumb                                    

The Soul is Light                Song of the Lark
Augusta Read Thomas        Charles Rochester Young

Through a Winter Landscape
 Nicolas Scherzinger

The harp’s warm, full tone and fascinating extended-techniques make it an instrument with amazing expressive possibilities.  I hope the brief information on this page is helpful and that you will decide to write for the harp often. Linda-Rose Hembreiker copyright 2018